The European Digital Innovation Hub for Digital Governance – GR digiGOV-innoHUB supports the development of a new generation of public services based on advanced digital technologies (AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, HPC), with open source, open data and open standards. GR digiGOV-innoHUB is coordinated by GRNET.

GR digiGOV-innoHUB aims to develop an ecosystem of digital transformation actors by promoting innovation in Public Administration through the National Digital Portal for Public Services All GR digiGOV-innoHUB pilot projects will be implemented using open software and open standards, while the source code of the projects with all documentation will be available under the European Union Public License (EUPL) on the European Commission’s Joinup platform for open-digital governance practitioners.


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The objectives of digiGOV-innoHUB are aligned with the Digital Europe Programme, Greece’s Digital Transformation Strategy 2020-2025, as well as with other European and national policies such as the OECD Framework for Innovation in the Public Sector.

In particular:

Objective 1. Support the development of a new generation of public services leveraging advanced digital technologies (AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, HPC), with open source, open data and open standards.

Objective 2. Develop an ecosystem of digital transformation actors at every level of public administration

Objective 3. Promote innovation in the Public Administration, turning it into a leading investor in digital innovation market by introducing Pre-Commercial Procurement

Objective 4. Facilitate regional cooperation and international networking with similar initiatives and activities in the context of open government principles

Objective 5 Strengthen the digital skills of executives from Greek SMEs and civil servants in designing, developing, procuring, adopting and delivering innovative digital public services.


Digital Maturity Assessment

  • Digital Maturity Assessment for SME/PSO
  • Project Journey Design & Digital Service Blueprint
  • Follow up assessment and Validation per project

Test before invest (development)

  • MVP Design
  • TRL 5 validation
  • TRL 7 development
  • Design of small and mid-scale pilots
  • MVP testing

Access to infrastructures

  • Access to Infrastructure (AI/ML Platform, HPC core units, Blockchain, Acceleration or Pilot Cloud/VMs/Storage)


  • DigiGov Academy: Access to Open Massive Online Courses- MOOCs
  • miniMBA in Digital Public Services
  • Tailor made skills development programs

Investment Support

  • DigiGOV Agora, virtual marketplace
  • Investment Cycle-Pitching and Networking Events with Equifund/VCs
  • Support for submitting to ERDF, Horizon, InvestEU, EIB.

Networking and Internationalisation

  • Networking activities, workshops, knowledge exchange events
  • Internationalisation, pitching activities


The Greek digital Government and Public Services innovation HUB – GR digiGOV-innoHUB is led by the National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET) and is supported by the country’s leading Academic and Research Institutions specializing in AI, HPC and digiGOV. The Hub is also supported by an array of business, regional authorities and civil society organisations that have expressed their willingness to participate.

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