Are you a startup with groundbreaking solutions in energy efficiency? Join us on a transformative journey to bridge the gap between innovation and public institutions. The GovTech4All Startup Challenge is your gateway to revolutionizing energy management in European municipalities.

The GovTech4All Startup Challenge is an unparalleled opportunity for startups to collaborate with six forward-thinking municipalities from the European Union. Through an innovative procurement method, startups will have the chance to tackle real-world challenges in energy efficiency.

The Challenges

Dive into the energy efficiency challenges of 6 EU local and regional governments! From smart irrigation to 3D mapping, these opportunities await innovative solutions. Are you up for the challenge?

3 pilots
3 pilots

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GovTech4All Startup Challenge

The GovTech Startup Challenge for innovative procurement is a pilot to test an open innovation process and innovative procurement at a cross border European level, with the objective of bringing innovative solutions from startups, scaleups and SMEs to solve public administrations’ challenges.

6 regional and local governments from Lithuania, Sweden, Spain and Greece has been working to define energy efficiency challenges they face as institutions. They will look for innovative solutions to solve this challenge and pilot the most relevant ones. For that, we will implement the Design Contest procurement method to pilot and scale-up innovation. 

With this pilot, we aim to contribute to the development of a GovTech European Single Market, where public institutions get to know different innovative solutions from European startups, and at the same time, these get closer to Public Administrations from all over Europe.

At the GovTech4All Challenge Demo Day on the 24th of April in Vilnius the local governments presented the challenges to the European startup community. 

The recording of the municipalties pitching their challenges will be published shortly.