GR digiGOV-innoHUB, a pioneering European Digital Innovation Hub focusing on digital government innovation, has reached a significant milestone in its quest for excellence. The hub has been honored for its outstanding achievement in attaining both the 1st and 2nd badge stages on the “DMA” service, as announced by the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) Network.

This prestigious recognition marks a pivotal moment in GR digiGOV-innoHUB’s journey towards proficiency and underscores its commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital innovation in government services. The Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) service, centered on evaluating digital maturity levels, serves as a pivotal tool in optimizing operational efficiency and facilitating well-informed decision-making across the public sector.

This journey has been a collaborative effort, with each member of the GR digiGOV-innoHUB team contributing their expertise and best practices. The hub recognizes the importance of celebrating this milestone together and extends its gratitude to all team members for their hard work and dedication. As part of the recognition, GR digiGOV-innoHUB is encouraged to share the joy of this achievement and showcase its commitment to excellence by displaying the badges proudly. The badges, available for download from the organization’s EDIH page on the EDIH catalogue, serves as a symbol of achievement and a testament to GR digiGOV-innoHUB’s dedication to continuous improvement.


Looking ahead, GR digiGOV-innoHUB remains committed to pushing the boundaries of digital innovation and leveraging emerging technologies to address the evolving needs of citizens, businesses and government entities. 

For more information about GR digiGOV-innoHUB and its initiatives, please visit